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Cider’s Sanctuary

*The journey begins SOON!!!*

Cider’s Sanctuary is a community…a place of hope, a place of safety…a place called HOME!

Our goal is to create a self sufficient, self sustaining sanctuary…a community built by the community for the community. A place many identify as their “home away from home”…whether it’s for one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, or one decade.  This place is Cider’s Sanctuary, named after our pup, Cider, from which this idea began to take shape.

Cider’s Sanctuary consists of several sub-communities that are intertwined in a way that help us grow together as one community.  

Cider’s Refuge

The heart of Cider’s Sanctuary  

Cider’s Refuge is an animal sanctuary that houses animals for families affected by extreme weather events across a 5-state region; Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and Missouri.  When families with pets are affected by tornadoes, flooding, prairie fires, extreme straight line winds, or any other natural disaster, they can count on us to provide top care for their beloved pets while they do what is necessary to get their lives back in order.  We’ll even pick them up!  Dogs and cats have spacious indoor and outdoor play areas to run around freely.  The sanctuary provides 24-hour care and oversight from a mix of volunteers and professional caretakers, including an onsite veterinarian.

To help provide income for onsite expenses and travel accommodations for animals in need of a temporary home, the sanctuary also serves as a doggy daycare and a doggy hotel for overnight stays.  In addition, grooming services are also provided as an option for animal lovers.

Mum’s Garden

To honor my mother who pushed me to follow my dreams

Enter the gardens through an arched entry covered with climbing roses.  Following a pea-gravel path, guests weave through various gardens (country, rock, water, etc.) designed and constructed by local nurseries, landscapers, and horticulturalists.  Each plant is labeled for educational purposes. Park benches along the path allow guests to relax and take in the beauty while appreciating the art of nature.

Also meandering alongside the gardens and through areas of native plants is a paved pathway for runners, bikers, and dog walkers.  Guests can be at peace while following a path with views of gardens, wild flowers, and native plants and grasses that gently sway in the wind.

Pop’s Pub

To honor my father who taught me to enjoy life

A place where everyone relaxes with family and friends while enjoying a tasty beverage provided by local breweries.  Open Thursday through Saturday, local brewers serve their perfectly brewed selections. Out back is a large deck where guests gather and take in the scenic views of the majestic gardens.  Adjacent to Pop’s Pub is a barn with sliding barn doors.  Inside the barn are outdoor games, such as Bags and Horseshoes, that may be enjoyed year round or during inclement weather.

To help support Cider’s Sanctuary, a donation line is provided on receipts for voluntary donations.  In addition, local brewers participate in a “Round Up” program at their breweries for their customers to opt to have their bill rounded up to the next dollar.  That extra change supports the operations of Cider’s Sanctuary.  A celebratory event is held annually to thank all participants in the program as they present their annual donations to our cause.

Re-tail Store

A Goodwill store concept where donated goods are sold to help raise money to support Cider’s Sanctuary.  Throughout the year, scheduled donation drives are set up per neighborhood. Households donate goods that they no longer need or want.  Moving companies volunteer a truck, personnel, and a couple hours per week or month to collect donated goods across the Omaha area.  Donated goods are processed, cleaned, fixed, or enhanced by volunteers and veterans on site.

The Spot

Visit the coffee bar and snack shack offering various coffee and tea flavors and stocked with goodies from local bakeries.  Enjoy our homemade sweet, cinnamon bread with your favorite cup of coffee while staring into the majestic gardens just outside the window.  Sip a hot cup of tea that soothes the soul on a chilly winter morning.  Indulge in homemade cookies, brownies, and chocolate creations from local businesses! 

Corner Art

Enter this expansive room that celebrates the Arts.  This multipurpose room can be expanded or contracted with movable walls to support the various arts within our community.  This includes dance, photography, art, music, and writing.  Corner Art entertains guests during performances and exhibitions while providing exposure and raising funds for the art community.

Dance: A dedicated dance space for classes, rehearsals, and indoor performances and recitals.

Writers’ Collective: A place where authors and screenwriters join together to compose stories, scripts, and film…turning ideas into reality.

Art and Photography: A platform to show, share, sell, and auction art and photo pieces.

Music: A studio where creators can create and produce music.

<TBD> Amphitheater

Grab your blanket!  Grab your lawn chairs!  Grab some friends…and join us Fridays and Saturdays during the warm season!   <TBD> Amphitheater is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts local bands and outdoor performances during the warm season. Indulge in food from local restaurants while sipping on a beer from local breweries or wine from local wineries.  Then, enjoy the festivities on stage as local bands put on a show in an intimate setting. 


Heroes’ Haven Program

To help and honor veterans of past and present for their service to our country

We would love to help homeless veterans within our community.  Cider’s Sanctuary provides veterans companionship, camaraderie, a purpose, and employment.  Veterans may apply for various positions on the property, including gardeners, store operators, caregivers, maintenance and repair. etc. 

In Session

A classroom dedicated to education

For those passionate about a topic that are looking to share their knowledge with their family, friends, and neighbors, this classroom provides the necessities required to transfer knowledge within a comfortable, casual atmosphere.  The classroom is open to anyone that wants to teach or learn about a topic of interest…such as meteorology for children and hobbyists, photography, art, painting, or gardening.  You name it!

In Session is a perfect place to introduce young minds to the arts and sciences!  Children attend scheduled weekly classes to gain introductory level knowledge of various topics to help identify what one may find fascinating and worth pursuing.

To extend the educational piece of Cider’s Sanctuary, we would work with universities in the area to offer credits for onsite internships for those interested in becoming veterinarians or horticulturists.  Students volunteer a university designated number of volunteer hours in a semester to gain priceless, hands-on experience for course credit.

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