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Are you passionate about weather?
Do you like to share videos and pictures of weather phenomenon?
Would you like to earn cash rewards for your weather content?

If so, register with Spring Weather’s Mobile Weather Office team! As a team member, you join our growing community of storm chasers, meteorologists, weather enthusiasts, weather observers, and photographers who help to save lives and keep the public informed of hazardous weather. In addition, you are rewarded for the content you provide! We look for all kinds of content…such as tornadoes, lightning, hail, wind, hurricanes, winter storms, ice, fires, thunderstorms, sunrises/sunsets, cloud formations, current weather conditions…basically anything weather related.

Rewards are based on several factors including:

  • The number of posts shared
  • The number of Likes and Retweets
  • The content and quality provided

The following year-end cash awards/bonuses are based on:

  • Mobile Weather’s MVC – Most Valuable Contributor
  • Top post as voted by news stations
  • The post with most Likes
  • The post with most Retweets
  • Others

Finally, particapte in contests we cook up throughout the year! Photos of the Week…Videos of the Week…Photo requests/call-outs…March Madness Photo Competition…and more. Register to get in on the action!

The amount of the rewards and awards are based on our company’s performance. You, as part of the company, can help make Spring Weather a successful company. The better we do as a company, the better the awards. After all, if you’re helping to drive the success of the company, you should be compensated!

Please download and email the completed form to:

Thank you for your interest in joining Spring Weather’s Mobile Weather Office team!

(Must be 18+ years old)

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